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RANKA is an extraordinary line of synthetic foliage with a natural look, capable of creating warm and cozy atmospheres on any surface in a simple and practical way. The green walls made by Ranka have a 3 year warranty covering fading and UV rays. They are 100% recyclable. The Ivy Trellis and Ivy models have a one year warranty.

• Our products are of the highest quality and have the best price on the market.

• Ranka is ideal for vertical gardens, green rooftops, roof gardens, privacy walls, buildings, businesses, lattices and interior spaces.

• Ours is the most sold brand in the United States.


High quality artificial foliage with low price guarantee.
6 different designs of artificial hedges including artificial boxwood.

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Saves Water

UV Protection


100% Recyclable

Reduces Noise

3-year Warranty

Weather Resistant



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Customer Reviews


  Shocked by good looks

By Kat's mom on April 19, 2016

I read all of the reviews about how good this looks. Still, when I opened the box, I was surprised by how good this boxwood looks. It was a little wrinkled right out of the box so I draped it over a low fence to let the sun work on it. While it was just lying there, before it was actually hanging/installed, I received compliments! We have a chain link fence which separates the driveway are from where we keep our trash cans. The area had always been something of an eyesore. Now that I've hung the faux boxwood hedge, it looks really attractive! Couldn't be more pleased. Also, I'm not sure if anyone else noted it, but you can take these large pieces apart and reconfigure them into whatever shake you like. Each piece is actually several smaller squares which are snapped together. I ordered a few extra pieces and used those to add one more row of squares to the height of my "hedge" so it would completely cover the fence. You need to purchase green zip ties to hang this on a chain link fence. There's nothing included in the box that could be used for installation.
  Very Satisifed!!

By ajuni on February 11, 2015

I was going to rank product 4 stars but realized there was nothing holding me back from giving this product a 5. Excellent quality for the price point. In my application, we have small open space outside our kitchen. Where we normally had a view of our neighbor's home, this space has been transformed into an amazing tranquil green space. It still makes me smile every time I look outside the window. I must say there is definitely a psychological component that elevates your happiness with the satisfaction when viewing a beautiful green wall. I also believe this product paid for itself many times over in terms of the value it has added to our home. I appreciated the larger panel size and the ease of installation. It was actually a fun project for me and having a staple gun handy was very helpful. I was concerned that it would be easy to see the lines in between panels but the design which links the panels together enabled a perfect blend to create the continuous look one would look for. It has worked so well for us, I now have ideas for other locations where I’d like to use this product for future projects.
  Very Pleased

By Adam on March 13, 2015

oh my...these grass panels are beautiful and better than expected! They shipped very fast and are perfect for what we needed. Every patio or balcony should have grass panels installed in my opinion! We are very pleased with the quality, texture, and color.
  Looks like a real hedge

By Chris P on September 21, 2015

We love the boxwood. We attached it to privacy walls on either side of our deck (we live in the middle of a group of townhouses). They look like real hedges. We had them installed by our carpenter with a nail gun.
  This is a great product. I waited to rate until winter passed

By North Carolina on March 18, 2016

This is a great product. I waited to rate until winter passed. It looks fantastic even after having snow and ice on it. I reordered it and have given info to several of my friends for their privacy screens.
  Boxwood Greenery

By Carolina Gentry on March 19, 2014

Love this! These faux boxwood panels totally transformed our office exterior entry and was super easy to install. I would recommend this product.

By Ben Gaskins on January 16, 2016

Everyone loves the look. Very well made product. Will order again.



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